McCarron booed out of arena as 36ers take down United

Mitch McCarron's great game was overshadowed by the boos from the United fans. (Photo: Adelaide 36ers/Twitter)

Mitch McCarron and the Adelaide 36ers tonight took down Melbourne United 90-86 in a close encounter at John Cain Arena.

McCarron finished with an impressive 12 points, seven rebounds, five assists and four steals stat line to see the 36ers victorious, however his night would be more remembered for what happened from the third quarter onwards.

The Melbourne United championship winner turned 36er was part of a sequence in play that saw United star Chris Goulding knocked to the ground.

Goulding went down after an inadvertent head knock on Robert Franks’ shoulder. He was rocked and stayed on the floor for a very long time.

In the process, McCarron would run a fast break and dunk the ball, after so he would rub United guard Lachie Barker’s head and would receive a tech.

Not looking where he was going, McCarron accidentally tripped on Goulding while he was down and from that point on in the game, he would be heavily booed by his former home crowd.

Goulding would surprisingly return on court in the forth quarter after a lengthy time with the team doctors in their rooms.

36ers head coach CJ Bruton said that he didn’t think much of McCarron getting booed after the incident.

“I’ve been on many teams and I’ve been booed no matter what and I’ve won in a lot of those arenas. It’s a part of the game, I think the maturity of ‘Macca’ and understanding that the boos also mean love,” Bruton said talking to the media post game.

“They recognise you, you’re playing, you’re a major piece to a team. So for him it’s just honouring him and he can continue to dice this team and give what he needs to give for us to be successful and it was great.”

Adelaide will now play New Zealand on Saturday as they try to continue their form.

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