Scott Morrison leaves Wildcats: Full Transcript

Perth will now look for their third Head Coach in three straight seasons. (Photo: Perth Wildcats)

Scott Morrison has called his time as the Perth Wildcats Head Coach, resigning after only one season at the club. This comes after a family issue has occurred in the past weeks and the Morrison family believes that it is best for their children’s future that they are relocated back to North America.

Here’s his full statement made earlier today:

“Two things when I coach. I like to resort to using analogies or stories to get my point across, for better or for worse. Secondly, I always try to be honest and I think I’ve been that in the media, during my time here, also for better or for worse.”

“When I was a small child my father took a job as the head coach of the local university program. He was paid only a part-time wage but worked overtime to build the program into one of the better teams in Canada, despite being in the most remote and hard to recruit to locations.”

“I remember vividly when i was eight years old, he was selected to be an apprentice coach with the Canadian National Team for an entire summer, which is our version of the Boomers. It represented an incredible opportunity to work with the best and to see parts of the world that people from our small fishing village would never dream to see in an entire lifetime.”

“My dad left our home to join the team for a domestic training camp and then just as the team was about to depart for their overseas games, he apologised to the head coach and called to say he was coming home. He gave up a great coaching opportunity to spend the summer with his young son. He would never get a chance to coach at that level for the rest of his career.”

“Years later i embarked on my own coaching career and I would look back to that time and wonder what the heck was dad thinking or I would say to myself proudly ‘I would never make that mistake if I had the chance.’ And for thirty plus years it has been basketball and my career that has dictated literally every decision in my life.”

“Just under three years ago i became a father for the first time, and my stubborn mindset began to soften. I am proud to say that I have worked with some of the greatest players in the game today, but that pride pails in comparison to the joy of watching my kids complete the simplest of tasks. A feeling that many parents can relate to.”

“During our time in Perth it has become evident that our young family would be better served to relocate back to North America, for reasons I would preferably not publicly disclose. At this time my wife Susanne and I feel that our children’s best chance to thrive is closer to family in a more familiar environment.”

“We in cooperation with the ownership group and front office have exhausted every possible avenue to ease our concerns about remaining in Perth. That’s said, we are making the best decision we can as parents and I am resigning as the coach of the team effective immediately.”

“Some 36 years after my dad sacrificed a great basketball opportunity for the benefit of his family, I finally begin to understand and I am making an extremely difficult decision to do the same.”

“During our short time here i felt the love of our players, our staff and the city of Perth. It is with great emotion that I make this announcement but in the end I feel that I am doing what is most important to the big picture which is making a decision that will best help our young children in the short and the long run.”

“I want to sincerely thank Hutchy, Simmo, Chris, Tan, Danny and others for the opportunity to coach this incredible club the past season, and more importantly for the support and understanding to our family in this time. I wish the staff and players great success next season.”

“I will be routing for them to excel regardless of who is the head coach and I encourage the members and fans to take the same attitude.”

“To the Red Army, I respect your passion of the team. Please rally behind the ownership, the front office and the coaching staff to provide a united front in your quest to bring a championship back to Perth. Just because someone is new or different, it doesn’t mean that cannot result or lead to great things.”

“What is most important is that all the stakeholders, the staff, the players, the fans, sponsors, etc. remain united and positive and supportive of each other. When that happens, amazing results will follow.”

“To all our new friends in Perth, thank you for the hospitality towards our family, and thank you for your understanding and respect of this tough decision we have made. We wish the Wildcats nothing but successive prosperity in the future.”

Perth now look for a new Head Coach, CEO, Financial Controller and Commercial Manager in the lead up to NBL23.