Perth Wildcats sign arch-rival Corey Webster

Corey Webster has signed with the Wildcats despite being one of their biggest rivals. (Photo: New Zealand Breakers)

The Perth Wildcats have signed arch-rival Corey Webster to a two-year deal. The former New Zealand Breaker was one of Perth’s biggest enemies in more ways than one, which makes this signing even more surprising.

Webster formerly signed with the Wildcats in 2017 to a contract quite similar to the one he’s just signed. However Webster left before ever playing a game for Perth, taking his “Euro-Out”.

Before this incident, Webster with the New Zealand Breakers played in multiple grand final series against the Wildcats. Winning four championships in the early 2010’s with the Kiwi outfit.

The Red Army’s reaction to the signing has been lukewarm because nobody expected it since the 2017 debacle.

While it hasn’t been pitchforks and flames, they have targeted the front office, in particular Danny Mills, because of the lack of signings in free agency prior to Webster and because of the “un-Wildcat” nature of him.

However there has been some positivity towards Webster, some fans have accepted what he could bring to the team rather than dwelling on the past.

Danny Mills says that a player like Webster was something they were looking for this off-season.

“Corey has been an elite scorer in the NBL and international basketball for the better part of the last decade,” said Danny Mills.

“When we were looking at areas that needed to be addressed this off-season, adding a combo guard who can play both on and off the ball and provide another perimeter scoring option is something we were searching for.

“Corey is a perfect player to fit into that role, he has championship experience in the league and we’re incredibly excited to be able to sign someone of Corey’s talent and have him suit up in a Wildcats jersey next season.”

Webster states that he is grateful for being recruited by the Wildcats.

“I feel honoured to be recruited by a club like Perth, everybody knows their history and the success they’ve had in the NBL so to be wanted by a team like that is an honour for me and I’m very grateful,” he said.

“I also have a lot of history against Perth in the league, so I think I’ll be quite familiar with the winning standard that they have over there and I’m very excited to join the team and hopefully push for a Championship.”

He joins the roster who already have Mitch Norton, Bryce Cotton, Kyle Zunic, Todd Blanchfield, Luke Travers, Corey Shervill, Jesse Wagstaff and Majok Majok. Oliver Hayes-Brown is also part of the team as a development player.

The NBL23 season will start late September-early October.

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